These rules are to be followed by models, as well as by members of the site


  • NO ANIMALS. No animals are allowed to appear on camera; absolutely NO BESTIALITY is allowed on this network.
  • Incest is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  • NO MINORS. No person under the age of 18 years is allowed in front of the camera on this website.
  • All persons appearing in cam have to be registered performers in with signed contracts and ID uploaded.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to DEFACATE or to simulate it.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to URINATE or to simulate it.
  • NO PUBLICITY, Internet links or banners for products or services that have nothing to do with, are allowed.
  • NO MAIL, INSTANT MESSAGE ID, TELEPHONE NUMBER and/or POSTAL ADDRESSES can be exchanged before, during or after chatting with the customers (for example:, Msn, Yahoo, etc).
  • NO SOLICITING (prostitution) is permitted.
  • NO DRUGS or illicit and illegal substances are permitted.
  • There can be NO IDLE PERIOD longer then one minute where you are not in front of the camera.
  • NO SELF-MUTILATION, under any form, is permitted.
  • NEVER use or exchange an existing or someone else’s (unused) account; ACCOUNT X = MODEL X – a new model MUST have a new account.
    -First time - Warning
    -Second time - 10% of earnings


We reserve the right to change earnings percentage at any time, without further notification. Any breach of these rules will be communicated to you. If recurrent and persisting, your account could be suspended for some time or even permanently shut down.